ERIN'S JOURNEY - from iui to ivf to success with creighton

Hi my name is Erin.  My husband and I had tried to get pregnant soon after getting married in 2009.  After a year of no success we went through our Dr and did 5 rounds of IUIs, clomid and other medications.  When that was not a success they referred us to IVF.  We did one round and still no luck.  My mom happened to work at a doctors’ office and was talking to one of the doctors about our journey and she told her to look into Pope Paul Institute VI in Omaha, NE. 

So after looking online and doing some research about the clinic we decided we would give it a shot.  We were told that I would need to start charting my mucus and to go through a Medical practitioner.  We found Megan Faller through another practitioner as she would be able to Skype with us since we are in Iowa and she is in California.  Megan was very welcoming and understanding of what we were going through.  She was patient with all our questions and concerns.  She would work with our schedules so we could find a time that worked to skype as we both have different schedules plus a 2 hour time difference.

After months of charting and figuring out that I had more issues than was brought up with my home doctor. We met with the Omaha Dr.’s and had a laparoscopy done to find out that I had endometriosis.  I had to return the next month to have it robotically removed.  The very next month that we could conceive we got pregnant!!!!   I couldn’t believe it, after 4 years of tears and emotionally rollercoasters we were finally pregnant!!!  We had a healthy baby boy.

Fast forward to a year and half later we started our journey again of trying to conceive, again no luck.  I contacted Pope Paul again and started charting on my own thinking I would remember how to do it on my own.  After a few months I knew I was missing some things so I emailed Megan again and she happily took me on again as her client.   She helped me with my charting and got me back on track.   I unfortunately had to go through the same surgeries but in the end I got pregnant again right away and am now 13 weeks pregnant with our second baby!!

Without Megan we would not have been able to do this on our own.  The charting makes you learn so much about your body not just when fertile days and non-fertile days are.  I can’t thank Megan enough for all the help!  Good luck to whoever reads this!


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