The Missing Link in Fertility Education

It has been 8 years since I began working with women and couples to understand their health and fertility through charting their cycles.  While I have experienced many moving experiences in my work, some beautiful, like the joy of a pregnancy after years of infertility, to marital struggles and heartbreaking losses, there is a particular refrain that plays over often in my mind: 

-  “Why didn’t anyone tell me?  I wish I had known…”  - 

Many of the women I work with have expressed, at some point, that they wished the had been told the basics about their fertility and health options.  Simple things like: 

“Mucus is good, and normal, and you will likely see more around the time you are fertile” 

“You can get pregnant while using an IUD, and it can potentially harm the baby”

“Severe pain during menses is not normal”

“Long term use of the pill may have consequences”

Why isn’t the basic language of fertility taught?  Why are grown women left with a fraction of the knowledge they should have to make informed decisions?  It is likely, that far too few women have this basic knowledge themselves and were (and still are) unable to share it with their daughters and granddaughters.  We want to change that.  We believe that having a basic, working knowledge of female health and fertility is a something all young women should have.  Let’s equip ourselves with the knowledge and facts so that we are able to make informed decisions, and are ready share and empower future generations.   If you want information and resources, check back often, or sign up for our updates to make sure you don’t miss anything.