Fertility Friday Podcast: Creighton, NaPro & Charting with a Mucus Based Method

To learn more about charting with a mucus based method, the Creighton Model, and NaProTechnology you can listen to the podcast at Fertility Friday.  

  • What is different about the Creighton method of fertility awareness charting?
  • What is NaPro Technology?
  • How do FertilityCare Practitioners and NaPro Doctors work together to interpret a woman’s charts and address any cycle irregularities?
  • How is the Creighton model effective, especially considering that it is a mucus-only method of charting?
  • Continuous mucus and limited mucus cycles
  • How does mucus production shift around ovulation?
  • When might observing temperature not actually be helpful?
  • Is all mucus fertile? How do you tell when you are fertile?
  • How do models like Creighton and Justisse classify “sticky” and “tacky” mucus?
  • Why there aren’t only 3 kinds of mucus (i.e. sticky, creamy, eggwhite)
  • What your cervical mucus could be telling you about your cervical health
  • What does a healthy menstrual cycle look like?
  • The process of coming off the pill and charting your cycles
  • Are NaPro Doctors “medical” or are they “holistic”?
  • How is the approach that NaPro Doctors take different to mainstream physicians?